Co-ed Sailing Closes Year with 14th Place at ICSA Dinghy Nationals

MEDFORD - Another successful year of Tufts University Athletics closed on Friday as the Jumbo co-ed sailing team finished 14th at the 2017 Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA) Dinghy National Championship.

Among 18 teams overall who had to qualify for the national finals, Tufts scored 206 in A division and 152 in B races for a 358 total. Teams competed in 17 races in both divisions during the two-day competition on Thursday and Friday. The Jumbos were 13 behind 13th-place Boston University (345) and seven in front of 15th-place US Merchant Marine Academy (365).

Tufts Sailing was ninth in the B division as senior Scott Barbano skippered with sophomore crew Ian Morgan. They were the runner-up in the fifth race of the series and had third-place finishes in the fourth and seventh starts.

In A division Tufts was 17th with a best finish of second place in the second race. Senior Griffin Rolander skippered the first through 10th and 13th through 17th races in A's, with classmate Alex Tong taking over for the 11th and 12th. Junior Emily Shanley-Roberts crewed all 17 A division starts.

Host College of Charleston won the ICSA Dinghy national championship with a 120-110-230 scoring line.

Tufts had qualified for the national final by placing third in the ICSA Western Semifinal on Wednesday. The Jumbos advanced to the ICSA final for the first time since 2015.

Raching was held on the Cooper Riverat Charleston Harbor in South Carolina.