* Students, faculty and staff - the reservation system is currently experiencing technical issues. If you cannot make a reservation, please feel free to come down to the gym without one until this is resolved.

Click HERE to make a fitness center reservation: Reservations are no longer required to use Hamilton Pool.

Some notes about reservations: 

  • Users are able to make up to three reserations per week, but only one per day.
  • All users must make a reservation using their UTLN.

Equipment Available for Reservation 

Hammer Rack Stair Climber Treadmill Upright Bike Arc Trainer
Recumbent Bike Lateral Elliptical  Max Octane Elliptical Red & Yellow Elliptical  Dual Pulley Machine


Frequently Asked Questions

I made a reservation, but I can't come now.  Can I cancel and if so how?  

Yes, if you login to the reservation system you can click on the "My Reservations" tab.  That will show all your active reservations and there will be a cancel button on the right that will allow you to cancel any active reservations. 

What happens if I don't show up for my reservation and I don't cancel it before?

The system will mark it down as a no show.  After five no shows the system will lock you out and you will not be able to make future reservations. 

How often am I allowed to make a reservation? 

You can have three active reservations at a time.  There is a limit of three reservations per user per week. 

Can I make a reservation for more than one piece of equipment in a day? 

No. There is a one reservation per user per day limit. 


Watch a video with updated information on the Fitness Center 2020-21 Academic Year