Tufts University Athletics Facilities Information

The Tufts University Athletics facilities are open for use by the entire Tufts community. Tufts University students, faculty and staff members are encouraged to utilize the facilities for physical fitness, recreation and competition.  Hours of operation for specific Tufts Athletics facilities are available HERE.

The Department of Athletics works to provide as much free recreational time as possible, given the demands of intercollegiate varsity athletics, physical education courses, club sports, intramural sports, and special events.

We urge you to use the facilities as often as possible and to help us maintain them by adhering to the regulations stated below, treating the facilities as if they were your own and advising the security guards of the presence of unauthorized people on the premises.

For more information on the programs we offer , please visit the Physical Education web site.


Recreational Pass Fees & Schedule

Tufts alumni may purchase Tisch Fitness Center memberships at the fitness center desk (617-627-5215) on the second floor of the Steve Tisch Sports & Fitness Center.  Retired Tufts employees are not eligible to purchase Tisch Fitness Center memberships.

Take the authorization card you receive from the fitness center desk to Campus Public Safety in Dowling Hall (419 Boston Avenue, 1st Floor) in order to obtain a photo ID card.

Please note that family members under 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. All members must be over 16 to use the fitness center. All guests (who are not family members) must be over 18 years old. Only one guest per member/card-holder is permitted. Guests must register at the security office. Members/card-holders are responsible for guests at all times during their visit.


Rates for Graduates:
Alumnus (Primary) - $380.00
*Alumnus Spouse - $200.00
*^Alumnus Dependent - $150.00

Rates for Graduates in their graduation year or the 2 years following their graduation:
Alumnus (Primary) - $200.00
*Alumnus Spouse - $150.00
*^Alumnus Dependent - $100.00

*Alumnus must have primary membership to be eligible for additional memberships
^Dependents must be between ages 18-25, Memberships are not available to minors

South Courts

The South Tennis / Basketball Courts are located at the Ellis Oval on top of the newly constructed parking garage. There are four regulation size tennis courts and two basketball courts.

Ames Human Performance Center

The Ames Center is a 6,000 square-foot facility featuring the Lunder Fitness Center, a physical performance center with Cardio Equipment, Free Weights, and Machines.  In addition to a variety of athletic development equipment, 2,500 square feet of indoor turf is available to help varsity athletes, personal training clients, and physical education students increase their health and performance.


Lockers and locks may be requested through the Tufts Athletics Equipment Room in Cousens Gym.  The Department of Athletics and Tufts University assume no responsibility for anything left unattended in the locker room.  Any items left in lockers at the remainder of the academic year will be donated to local charities. 

Equipment Issue

You must supply your own soap and towel. Limited athletic equipment is available on a daily basis and may be signed out from the Cousens Security Office. Your Tufts ID card and signature must be left as a deposit.

Please do not leave lockers unlocked at any time. Also, do not leave valuables in your locker at any time. The Athletics Department and Tufts University are not responsible for items stolen from lockers.

Anyone found abusing the facilities or using them without authorization will be subject to prosecution. 

Lost and Found

Lost and found items can be claimed and/or turned in at the Security Desk located in the main entrance of the Tisch Center. Clothing will be held for 30 days and then donated. Valuables, wallets, and jewelry will be transferred to the Tufts University Police Department daily and can be retrieved 24/7.

Contact Info

Athletic Department: 617/627-3232
Pool: 617/627-2569
Security Room: 617/627-5069
Equipment Room: 617/627-5105
Fitness Center: 617-627-5215 or email Tuftsfitnesscenter@gmail.com
Tufts Personalized Performance Program: 617/627-0332