Tufts Athletics Faculty Liaison Program

The Tufts Athletics Faculty Liaison Program was initiated in 2016 through a collaboration between Tufts' Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and the Faculty Athletics Committee.  A pilot program featuring connections between a handful of faculty members and several varsity athletics teams was launched during the 2017-18 academic year.  The program expanded in 2019 to include 12 varsity programs and 11 faculty members.  The hope is for this program to continue to grow until each varsity team is matched with its own faculty liaison.

The Athletics Faculty Liaison Program at Tufts was designed to enhance the relationship between faculty members and student-athletes and to further strengthen the campus bond between academics and athletics.  This program exphasizes Tufts' appreciation for the holistic approach to education associated with the Division III philopsophy, in which athletics are conducted as an integral part of the student-athlete's overall educational experience.  Through this program, Tufts faculty members are more fully engaged in varsity athletics, are able to build relationships with student-athletes outside the classroom, and provide a significant contribution to the academic support system and campus connections available for the Jumbos.

Tufts Athletics Faculty Liaisons have taken on a variety of roles.  The faculty members' engagement with varsity teams has included, but is not limited to:

  • Directing student-athletes to available campus resources
  • Serving as the pre-major advisor for first-year student-athletes
  • Providing academic and campus updates to student-athletes and coaches
  • Supporting the team on the sidelines at home athletics events
  • Meeting with prospective student-athletes and family members on recruiting visits to Tufts
  • Attending athletics practices and team events
  • Participating in pre-season orientation meetings with first-year student-athletes
  • Partnering with teams on community service projects
  • Eating meals with team members in the dining halls
  • Attending pre-season kick-off events and/or post-season banquets

 Below is the list of currently matched teams and faculty liaisons ...

Varsity Athletics Program

Team Faculty Liaison


Season, Year Matched

Men's Soccer Howard Woolf Dir. - Experimental College Spring 2016
Women's Lacrosse Tom Downes Assoc. Professor - Economics Fall 2017
Baseball Steve Cohen Sr. Lecturer - Education Fall 2017
Softball Mary Glaser Sr. Lecturer - Mathematics Fall 2017
Women's Soccer Steve Hirsch Assoc. Professor - Classics Spring 2018
Men's & Women's Swimming/Diving Melissa McInerney Assoc. Professor - Economics Fall 2018
Women's Volleyball Keith Maddox Assoc. Professor - Psychology Spring 2019
Men's Ice Hockey Richard Jankowsky Assoc. Professor - Music Summer 2019
Men's Basketball Megan Monroe Assistant Teaching Professor - Computer Science Summer 2019
Women's Tennis Doris Pfaffinger Sr. Lecturer - German Fall 2019
Women's Basketball Diane Ryan Associate Dean for Programs and Administration-Tisch College Fall 2019