Tufts University Athletics Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The Tufts University SAAC serves as a voice for student-athletes within the Tufts Community. The SAAC serves as a vehicle to enhance the interests of students-athletes to the administration. The goal of the SAAC is to provide communication between athletes, coaches and administration, to enrich the Tufts community, and foster a positive student-athlete image and experience.

Executive Board

President: Lilly Bolen (Women’s Basketball)
Vice President: Hannah Isenhart (Women’s Soccer)
Treasurer / Head of Council: Casey Maggiore (Softball)

Committee Heads

Community Relations: John LaLime (Men’s Swimming)
Jumbo Experience: Matthew Galbraith (Men’s Sailing)
Marketing & Policy: Max Oppenheim (Men’s Basketball)

NESCAC SAAC Representatives

Emily Valadez (Women's Fencing)
Evan Szablewski (Men’s Swimming & Diving)


Community Relations is responsible for increasing the involvement and brand of Tufts Athletics with the outside community, including the student population and the Greater Boston Area. Some of the main projects that Community Relations facilitates is our “Fan the Fire” program. Fan the Fire's goal is to bring sports, spirit, and service altogether, building the community into “One Tufts”. Through the outlet of athletic events, Fan the Fire strives to increase school spirit and garner a sense of Jumbo pride within the Tufts community and sponsor various sporting events by teaming up with a charity or service organization significant to its players. Past charities and organizations have included the Alzheimer’s Association, Go4theGoal, and Green Dot, Play for Pink, and Athlete Ally.

Jack Moldenhauer (Men's Tennis)
Kristina Haghdan (Softball)
Paige Tyler (Women's Sailing)
Ariel Zedric (Volleyball)
Madie Nicpon (Women's Lacrosse)
Reegan Coleman (Softball)
Anna lowy (Women's Tennis)
Ian Daly (Men's Soccer)
Emma Donchi (Women's Swimming)
Mike Pedrini (Football)
Tara Lowensohn (Women's T&F)
Kunal Valia (Men's Squash)
Harry Theodore (Golf)
George Sidamon-Eristoff (Coed Sailing)
Allison Brea (Women's Swimming)
Anna Clarke (Women's Lacrosse)
Peter DeMaria (Baseball)
Jamie Weiss (Baseball)
Nick Delaney (Men's Cross Country)

Jumbo Experience is responsible for improving the student-athlete experience by planning programming to enrich athlete education and foster lasting relationships between athletes. Some of the main projects in Jumbo Experience entail planning our annual SAAC speaker series event (open to all members of the Tufts community), organizing Brother/Sister Teams on campus, and enhancing our monthly All-SAAC Meetings.

Salik Awan (Men's Squash)
Derek Enge (Men's Soccer)
Isa Schneider (Women's Squash)
Michael Kennedy (Men's T&F)
Niko Hereford (Men's Tennis)
Ben Stein (Men's T&F)
Gillian Mehigan (Women's Crew)
Beth Krikorian (Field Hockey)
Jessica Sanderson (Volleyball)
nicole frankel (Women's Tennis)
Jaiveer Sandhu (Men's Crew)
Emily Valadez (Fencing)
Johnathan O’Neal (Football)
Alexandra Walter (Women's Cross Country)
Rachel Windreich (Women's Squash)
Dorothy Waskow (Fencing)
Evan Szablewski (Men's Swimming)
Jensen Corabi (Men's Lacrosse)
Owen O'Neill (Men's Lacrosse)
Travis Clauson (Golf)

Marketing & Policy is responsible for creating marketing materials & ideas for all SAAC initiatives through social media campaigns, videos, and/or posters. This group will work closely with the other two committees. The marketing committee will allow for SAAC to have a broader impact and outreach in the community.

Alexander Williams (Men's Crew)
Michael Gordon (Hockey)
Claire Foley (Field Hockey)
Emily Murray (Women's Cross Country)
Brennan Morris (Men's Basketball)
Stephanie DiLeo (Women's Soccer)
Alicia Heia (Women's Crew)
Connor Giersch (Men's Cross Country)
Erin Poindexter McHan (Women's Basketball)
Rune Kirby (Hockey)
Scarlet Bliss (Women's T&F)

SAAC also has a Social Justice focus group, led by the Executive Board, will be working closely with Tufts Athletes of Color and other organizations to focus on improving diversity and inclusion in our community and other relevant social justice initiatives.

Ben Stein (Men's T&F)
Claire Foley (Field Hockey)
Gillian Mehigan (Women's Crew)
Kristina Haghdan (Softball)
Ian Daly (Men's Soccer)
Stephanie DiLeo (Women's Soccer)
Ariel Zedric (Volleyball)
nicole frankel (Women's Tennis)
Allison Brea (Women's Swimming)
Jaiveer Sandhu (Men's Crew)
Emily Valadez (Fencing)
Anna Clarke (Women's Lacrosse)
Johnathan O’Neal (Football)
Madie Nicpon (Women's Lacrosse)
Peter DeMaria (Baseball)
Jamie Weiss (Baseball)
Alexandra Walter (Men's Crew)
Erin Poindexter McHan (Women's Basketball)

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Baseball Jamie Weiss Peter DeMaria
Women's Fencing Emily Valadez Dorothy Waskow
Field Hockey Clair Foley Beth Krikorian
Football Johnathan O'Neal Mike Pedrini
Coed Sailing George Sidamon-Eristoff Matthew Galbraith 
Womens Sailing Kristina Puzak Paige Tyler
Softball Casey Maggiore Kristina Haghdan, Reegan Coleman
Women's Swimming Emma Donchi Allison Brea
Men's Swimming John LaLime Evan Szablewski
Women's Volleyball Ariel Zedric Jessica Sanderson
Men's Squash Salik Awan Kunal Valia
Women's Squash Rachel Windreich Isa Schneider
Women's Tennis Anna Lowy Nicole Frankel
Men's Tennis Niko Hereford Jack Moldenhauer
Men's Basketball Brennan Morris Max Oppenheim 
Women's Basketball Lilly Bolen Erin Poindexter McHan
Women's Rowing Alicia Heia Gillian Mehigan
Men's Rowing Jaiveer Sandhu Alex Williams
Men's Cross Country Connor Giersch Nick Delaney
Women's Cross Country Emily Murray Alex Walter
Men's Golf Harry Theodore Travis Clauson
Men's Ice Hockey Rune Kirby Michael Gordon
Women's Lacrosse Madie Nicpon Anna Clarke
Men's Lacrosse Jensen Corabi Owen O'Neill
Men's Soccer Derek Enge Ian Daly
Women's Soccer Hannah Isenhart Stephanie DiLeo
Women's Track & Field Tara Lowensohn Scarlett Bliss
Men's Track & Field Michael Kennedy Ben Stein