Feature Friday with Football Junior Trevon Woodson

Name: Trevon Woodson
Year: Junior
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
High School: St. Augustine (La.)
Position: Quarterback
Majors: Computer Science and Sociology


What has been the best part of your Tufts experience?

The best thing about my Tufts experience is the friends I've made. From random students just saying hi, to my teammates. I've made a couple of friendships I want to keep forever.

What is your favorite football memory so far?

My favorite football memory is our relay race with the team in the pool. It was guys on the team who were swimming like pros doing doubles and then guys doing push-ups on the deck for an hour.

What is your favorite class that you have taken at Tufts?

My favorite class at Tufts is a tie between Decolonization and Mass Incarceration.

Are you involved in anything on campus outside of football?

I spend time at the Africana Center trying to help students feel more welcome here at Tufts.

What are you majoring in? And as of now what are your future plans?

I am majoring in Sociology and Computer Science. Right now my plans are to grow my company (Woodson & Co., an independent tech news blog and information tech development specializing in pen testing), and keep creating more business models I am passionate about.