Men's Basketball Participating in Black Coaches Classic on Saturday

Press release and video courtesy of UMass Boston

BOSTON – The University of Massachusetts Boston will serve as the host for the First Annual Black Coaches Classic on Saturday, November 27 in the Clark Athletic Center Gymnasium.

This special one-day tournament will feature four of the just seven NCAA Division III men's basketball programs in Massachusetts that are coached by black head coaches. Participating in the tournament will be UMass Boston, Tufts University, Lesley University and Brandeis University.

"For decades, racist stereotypes about black peoples' intellectual abilities and leadership skills have been commonplace in sport. The legacy of black coaches breaking barriers and demystifying stereotypes reflects the promise of a society and a sports industry that does not judge people by the color of skin, but rather the merit of their skill set," said UMass Boston Director of Athletics Jacqueline Schuman.

Tufts University will face Lesley University at 5:00 p.m., followed by UMass Boston hosting Brandeis at 7:30 p.m.

"I am thrilled and honored to taking part in the first Black Coaches Classic," Tufts head coach Brandon Linton said. "It is a great way to celebrate the work that black coaches are doing at this level here in our state. My hope is that this can inspire young black men and women to pursue head coaching positions at this level, while encouraging administrators to give real consideration to minorities in the hiring process."

Besides the two games the event will also feature educational programing to highlight the importance of black coaches in high school, college, and professional levels.

"This event represents an important opportunity to both show the important visual representation of black men in head coaching roles that further influences other black men to pursue these roles and to further education about how to achieve racial progress and equity in sport," added Schuman.

Tufts University, host UMass Boston and the other schools support a mission to cultivate a vibrant, multi-cultural educational environment that enables the broadly diverse campus communities to thrive and succeed.

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