Mission Statement:

The Department of Sports Medicine at Tufts University delivers the highest quality sports medicine services to our student-athletes. Our mission is to provide medical coverage to the intercollegiate athletic programs including prevention, education, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation and administration of all athletic injuries. The sports medicine team is comprised of six full-time Athletic Trainers; all are nationally certified and licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Professional Licensure. The certified Athletic Trainers work under the supervision of the Tufts University team physicians. While we recognize a student-athlete’s desire to participate in intercollegiate athletics, it is our responsibility to ensure that the health and long term well-being of the student-athlete is paramount in our decision to return the student to athletics participation following an injury. The supervising physicians, NATA best practices and NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook serve as the basis for policy decisions.

Access to Sports Medicine Services:

The Tufts Sports Medicine Department will provide services to any students that are members, officially on the roster, of all intercollegiate varsity teams. In addition, the department will provide services to the following club teams during their official competitive season: men’s and women’s rugby (Fall) and men’s and women’s ultimate Frisbee (Spring). Tufts University students who fall outside of these guidelines will need to seek care at health services. In-season athletes will have priority, over athletes that outside their competitive season.

Athletic injuries during the non-competitive season, Tufts Sports Medicine will triage and provide the best course of treatment/services determined by the clinician. Aside from acute trauma, priority will be given to athletes competing in their competitive season. Those out of season athletes that may need additional care outside the availability of the Tufts Sports Medicine staff can be referred to physical therapy via a prescription from the team orthopedist by request. Orthopedic Sports and Physical Therapy is an independent clinic that operates out of the Mugar Sports Medicine Suite prior to 1pm Monday through Friday. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete participating in intercollegiate sports to report pre-existing conditions and all injuries/illnesses to the sports medicine staff. It is also the student’s responsibility to consult with their health insurance company prior to receiving treatment aside from the Athletic Training services. Medical costs not covered by insurance are ultimately the responsibility of the student. In the event of outstanding bills from the result of an injury sustained while participating in their sport, athletes may consult Matthew Whalen, MS, ATC, Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer.

Hours of Operation:

The Sports Medicine Suite is open Monday-Friday from 11am-7:00pm and on the weekends for practice and game coverage only. Typically, the Sports Medicine Suite will close one hour after the last practice of the evening ends. Student-athletes are asked to make appointments for treatment and rehabilitation by calling 617-627-5102 or speaking with the athletic trainer who coordinates care for the sport-specific team.

Emergency Information:

Tufts University Health Services617-627-3350

Tufts University Counseling and Mental Health Service - 617-627-3360

Tufts Medical Center800 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111 / 617-636-5000