Visiting Team Guidelines

If a visiting athlete is injured on the Tufts University campus while participating in an intercollegiate sport, they will be afforded the same medical care as Tufts athletes.

If the visiting team is traveling with an athletic trainer, they will be allowed to handle the injury according to their guidelines. The staff and facilities at Tufts will be at their disposal to assist them as much as possible.

If a visiting team is not traveling with an athletic trainer, a Tufts athletic training staff member will offer their services to the visiting team prior to their competition.

• Tufts University athletic trainers will make return to play decisions under the guidance of our Sports Medicine Guidelines and NATA Best Practices

• Visiting athletes desiring treatment should present a referral from their respective athletic trainer.

• During Tufts home athletic events the athletic trainer assigned to the respective sport will provide the appropriate water and ice for conditions.

• Any requests for specific needs should be made to the Tufts University Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer.



• AED, crutches, spine board, splints, biohazard bags, and sharps container are available.

• For select events, moist heat packs, and ice cups.

• Electrical modalities will not be available; however, visiting athletic trainers can access these upon request.

• Water, cups, ice, and first aid supplies will be located on the sideline or bench.


Treatments / Taping

• The facility will be open 2 hours prior to events.

• You must provide your team with a fully stocked medical kit.

• Call or email in advance a list of treatments/tapings for your team.



• An athletic trainer will be available approximately 2 hours prior to event start time and 1-hour post-event.